In 2020 the cycling tour classification will not take place!

The cycling tour classification is a programme for awarding those who have finished every race in the series.

What is the cycling tour classification?
In addition to the regular points-based classification in the Filter Road Cup, we also have the cycling tour classification, where the rankings are based on finish times only. The cycling tour classification applies to the long distance, short distance and youth races. Symbolically in the recreational race as well, even though it is not a competition. All cycling tour participants will receive a prize that could be more or less valuable, depending on your luck!
How do I participate? 
To participate, you must finish all 6 Filter Road Cup races of the same distance. Only final results count - riders who abandon the race or don't show up are not eligible. Riders who participate in a mix of long and short distance races also are not eligible for cycling tour awards.
Does the result matter if everybody gets a prize?
The three fastest men and the fastest woman of every type of race will receive a trophy in the cycling tour classification. However, every cycling tour participant will get a prize item. Because the prizes vary in value, there will be a lottery. The winner of the long distance race will get to draw their prize first, then the short distance winner and the youth race winner, then the second place holders and so on. So the higher the ranking, the higher the chance of getting a more valuable prize - but if the odds are in their favour, the main prize might go to the one who finished last.
When is the award ceremony?
The cycling tour classification award ceremony will take place together with the Filter Series award ceremonies after the end of the season. Being present at the ceremony is required in order to receive the award. If the participant cannot attend, their coach or representative may receive the award, but no awards will be given out at a later date.
What are the prizes?