NEW IN 2020

Merging with Rullituur (Estonian Inline Cup)!
• In 2020 Filter Road Cup will take place together with Filter Inline Cup. This means there will be more activities and people at the events. The starting times even make it possible for people to participate in two different sports in the same day.
The series now has 6 races and the order has changed as well!
• To leave cyclists more time to spend with their families, the Filter Road Cup will only have 6 races this year - July is holiday time! The order of the races has changed as well. The first and last races have uphill finished, the other ones have the usual group rankings system. This makes the competition more interesting, as the uphill finish races influence the rankings most.
Changes in the rankings system!
• Since there are only 6 events now, the 5 best point scores will be taken into account in the series overall rankings. The lowest score will be eliminated from the rankings after the 3rd race.
Year of anniversaries!
• 2020 really is a year of anniversaries for us. The Elva race takes place for the 35th time, Pärnu for 20th time and Mulgi and Tallinn races are celebrating their 10th birthdays. Help us celebrate these events - send your ideas to!