• To promote running and an active lifestyle among people of all ages.
• To connect people and sports clubs who share an interest in running.
• Charity - with the Peetri Jooks 5 km Charity Run we are cooperating with Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikumi Lastefond (Children's Foundation) to help children with mobility impairments.
• To offer an entertaining, joyful and unique experience to all participants.


10 km Laduks main run - The most popular race at Peetri Jooks, with timekeeping, rankings and awards. Everyone who is at least 16 years old and physically able of running or walking 10 kilometres is welcome to participate. People younger than 16 must have a parent's written permission to participate. 

5 km charity run - A race for charity and for moving together. Everyone who is physically fit enough to run or walk the distance is welcome to participate. Finish times will be recorded and the fastest in the general classification will be awarded, but the main goal of this race is to simply enjoy moving. 5€ from every ticket to this race will be donated to charity.

5 km youth run - As the name suggests, this distance is meant for young athletes. Finish times will be recorded and there will be awards for the fastest. Boys and girls born 2003-2010 are welcome to participate. Younger children must have a parent's written permission to participate in this race.

5 km stroller run - A unique and fun stroller run that allows mothers and fathers, but also grandparents or older siblings to bring the youngest members of their family to the race. There is no timekeeping and no rankings will be determined at the stroller run.

250 m children's runs - A race for the smallest runners of the family, taking place right in the race centre. There are no rankings and results at the children's races because every participant is a winner.


Refonda Peetri Jooks will take place on Saturday, August 8, 2020. The race centre is in front of Peetri School at Pargi tee 6 in Peetri borough, Rae vald, Harjumaa. The schedule is below.

Friday, August 7, 2020
16:00-19:00 - race numbers can be picked up in Peetri
Saturday, August 8, 2020
12:00 - the race centre and expo area are opened
12:00-13:00 - race numbers and registration area open for 250 m children's races
12:00-15:30 - race numbers and registration area open for 5 km youth run
12:00-15:45 - race numbers and registration area open for 5 km stroller run
12:00-16:30 - race numbers and registration area open for 5 km charity run
12:00-17:30 - race numbers and registration area open for 10 km Laduks main run
13:30 - start of 250 m children's run (boys born 2009-2010)
13:40 - start of 250 m children's run (girls born 2009-2010)
15:50 - start of 250 m children's run (boys born 2011-2012)
14:00 start of 250 m children's run (girls born 2011-2012)
14:10 - start of 250 m children's run (boys born 2013-2014)
14:20 - start of 250 m children's run (girls born 2013-2014)
14:30 - start of 250 m children's run (boys born 2015-2016)
14:40 start of 250 m children's run (girls born 2015-2016)
14:50 - start of 250 m children's run (boys born 2017 and later)
15:00 start of 250 m children's run (girls born 2017 and later)
16:00 - start of 5 km youth run (with timekeeping)
16:15 - start of 5 km stroller run (no timekeeping)
17:00 - start of 5 km charity run (with timekeeping)
18:00 - start of 10 km Laduks main run (with timekeeping)
19:30 - award ceremony for the youth run, Laduks run and charity run


5.1.  In the Laduks 10 km run, there are 7 age groups as well as the general classification. 

• N (F) and M, born 1981 and later
• N40 and M40, born 1976-1980
• N45 and M45, born 1971-1975
• N50 and M50, born 1966-1970
• N55 and M55, born 1961-1965
• N60 and M60, born 1956-1960
• N65+ and M65+, born 1955 and earlier

5.2. In the 5 km charity run there is only a general classification. There are no age groups in this race.

5.3. In the 5 km youth run there are 4 age groups, based on the year of birth.

• P (boys) and T (girls) Class A, born 2003-2004
• P and T Class B, born 2005-2006
• P and T Class C, born 2007-2008
• P and T Class D, born 2009-2010

5.4. Since there are no rankings in the 5 km stroller run and the 5 km seniors' run/walk, there are no age groups either.

5.5. In the 250 m children's races, there are 5 age groups, based on the year of birth.

• children born 2009-2010
• children born 2011-2012
• children born 2013-2014
• children born 2015-2016
• children born 2017 and later


6.1. Sports clubs and companies are also welcome to participate in Peetri Jooks. The name of the team must be written in the corresponding field in the individual registration form.

6.2. The team with the largest number of participants will receive a traveling trophy. The number of participants is based on the race results. Participants from all races (except the children's races) who have used the team's name when registering will be counted.

6.3. Teams with 6 or more Peetri Jooks participants are eligible for a registration discount. To use this discount , email and you will be sent a private registration form.


7.1.  The prices and registration rounds for Peetri Jooks are below:

RoundChristmas roundSpring roundSummer roundRace round
End of round31.12.201931.05.202020.07.202008.08.2020
10 km Laduks main run 16 € 21 € 26 € 35 €
5 km charity run 14 € 19 € 24 € 30 €
5 km stroller run (no timekeeping) 10 € 15 € 20 € 25 €
5 km youth run 5 € 5 € 5 € 10 €
250 m children's run (no timekeeping) 3 € 3 € 3 € 5 €

7.2. Only cash payments are accepted at the event. The number of participants is limited and availability on the day of the race is not guaranteed.

7.3. Because a discount applies to pre-registrations, these registrations cannot be cancelled or transferred to other AeroBike events. The race day registration price is the base price. When registering at the race centre there is no risk of not being able to participate. With pre-registrations there is always a chance that plans change and someone won't be able to participate after all. To compensate, we offer a discount for pre-registrations. The earlier you register, the greater the risk of plans changing - therefore, a greater discount!

7.7. TICKET GUARANTEE IN 2020 - if we are forced to cancel the 2020 event, all registrations will be transferred to the next Peetri Jooks event in 2021. No money lost!

7.4. Larger groups and teams (6 or more people) are eligible for a group discount. Please contact us at to claim the discount.

7.5. By registering for the race, participants confirm that they have read and understood the race manual and agree to the terms discussed here.


8.1. Re-registrations are possible until 05.08.2020 and can be done through email ( No re-registrations will be allowed later and at the race.

8.2. Re-registering one person from a more expensive race to a cheaper one is free, but the price difference will not be refunded. When re-registering from a cheaper race to a more expensive one, the difference in prices must be paid according to the current pricing.

8.3. Re-registering as participating instead of someone else who has registered:

•  If the race or distance does not change, participating instead of an already registered participant costs 5€. If there are any suspicions, the person who is re-registering must be able to prove that they have an agreement with the person whose place they are taking.
• In a combined re-registration where both the race and the participant's name are changed, there are two steps. Firstly, the 5€ name change fee must be paid. Secondly, the race/distance must be changed as described in Section 8.2.


• A Peetri Jooks medal
• A gift bag for finishers
• A marked and guarded race track
• Timekeeping (does not apply to the races with no timekeeping) and a place in the results
• Race number
• Medical aid
• Refreshment points on the track
• Catering by Põltsamaa in the race centre
• Awards for the fastest
• Race commentary
• Photos of the event
• A refreshing drink at the finish
• Additional services in the race centre, merch tents etc
• A trampoline for children


10.1. The race track is smooth and runs along roads and pathways with hard road cover. The lap is 5 km long - all longer races are either 1 or 2 laps. There are 2 drink points and 8 cheering points on the track - one approximately every 450 metres.

10.2. Timing chips and race numbers are used for timekeeping in the 10 km main run, the 5 km youth run and the 5 km charity run. The chip must be attached to the shoelaces or placed inside the sock. The number must be placed on the chest so that it is clearly visible from the front. If the chip is placed incorrectly or not used at all, a place in the results cannot be guaranteed. The timing chip must be returned to the organisers after the race and participants will receive a gift bag in exchange. If the chip is not returned, the participant must pay a fee of 10€ to the organisers.

10.3. In the 250 m children's races, the 5 km stroller run and the 5 km seniors' run/walk only race numbers are used. No timing chips are used.


11.1. The start and finish are located in front of Peetri School (Pargi tee 6 in Peetri borough), but the two are not on the same line. The lap is run clockwise.

11.2. In the 10 km Laduks main run, runners will choose their own starting group based on their expected finish time.

• Group I 40 min
• Group II 40-50 min
• Group III 50-60 min
• Group IV 60+ min

11.3. There are no starting groups in the 5 km charity run and the 5 km stroller run. All participants will start in the same group.

11.4. As the 5 km youth run and the 5 km seniors' run/walk start at the same time, participants will be divided into two groups.

• Group I - youth run
• Group II - seniors' run/walk


12.1. Food and drink is provided to all participants in the race centre after the race. Drinks are available at two points on the race track; the 10 km main run participants will pass both of these points twice.

12.2. At the drink stops on the track there are designated litter zones where runners may dispose of any trash. Littering outside of the designated zones is forbidden and any runner who does so will be disqualified.


13.1. Medical aid at the race is provided by medics. The medical workers can be found at the medical tent near the finish area, but they can also go onto the track if necessary.


14.1. The penalty for starting under the wrong name is disqualification.

14.2. The penalty for littering on the track is disqualification. There are designated litter zones on the track where it is permitted to dispose of trash.

14.3. The penalty for using shortcuts and therefore not completing the whole race distance is disqualification.


15.1.  Rankings will only be determined for the 10 km main run, the 5 km charity run and the 5 km youth run. Finish times will be recorded using timing chips and will be displayed as general classification results. Age group results will be determined by separating specific age groups from the general classification results.

15.2. In races with no timekeeping, the names of finishers will be displayed in alphabetical order.

15.3. Preliminary results will be published live at

15.4. Due to the possibility of mistakes in preliminary results, unsportsmanlike conduct, and other such issues, participants may file complaints up to 6 days after the race. The complaints must be emailed to

15.5. Final results will be published at and on other related sites no later than 7 days after the race.

15.6. No further complaints will be accepted after the final results have been published and the results will not be changed.


16.1. The award ceremony will take place in the race centre at the time stated in the schedule. The awards will be based on preliminary results. If the results are later changed, it will not affect the awards given out at the ceremony and no awards will be switched or changed.

16.2. To receive an award, participants must be present at the award ceremony. No awards will be given out at a later date. Not showing up to the ceremony means giving up the award.

16.3. In the 10 km main run, the six fastest men and six fastest women, and the winner of every age group, will receive an award. The top 3 men and women will receive monetary awards as well.

• 1st place 300€
• 2nd place 200€

• 3rd place 100€

16.4. In the 5 km charity run, the three fastest men and three fastest women of the general classification will receive an award. There are no age group awards.

16.5. In the 5 km youth run, the three fastest boys and three fastest girls of the general classification, and the winner of every age group will receive an award.

16.6. There are no award ceremonies for other races as there is no timekeeping. Every finisher will receive a gift bag from the organisers.


17.1. Everyone participates at their own risk. By starting the race, participants confirm that they have read and accepted the race manual, are physically fit enough to participate and acknowledge the risks associated with competing. In the case of an accident, the participant will cover all the costs without filing any damages claims against the organiser.

17.2. Even though runners have priority over other traffic on the track, we cannot fully block locals' access to their homes. This means that there may be a small number of slow moving cars on the track. Runners are also obliged to ensure their own safety to the best of their ability, to follow the instructions of traffic guards, to cross main roads only in designated areas, and to not run on the main road in areas where a pathway is right next to a larger road.

17.3. Crossing the finish line more than once is forbidden. As a penalty, the last finish time may be used in the results.

17.4. Peetri Jooks is a high-spirited recreational sports event - everybody is welcome to participate.

17.5. All participants must respect clean and honest sport. Estonian anti-doping rules apply at the event and SA Eesti Antidoping may carry out tests among participants. More information can be found at

17.6. The organisers have the right to use and publish official photos and videos of the event for marketing purposes, including advertisements, social media, etc.

17.7. Force majeure - forces of nature, viral epidemics and other circumstances beyond the control of the organiser may cause the event to be changed or cancelled. If the event is cancelled due to force majeure, no refunds will be issued. However, all registrations will be automatically transferred to next year's Peetri Jooks.

17.8. The organiser has the right to send all registered participants a reminder before the race and a feedback form after the race. The two letters will be sent to the email address that participants use for registering and cannot be opted out of.

17.9. Lost and found items will be collected in the bag hold tent. If you lost something at the race, please contact us after the race at

17.10. All matters not addressed in the race manual will be resolved by the board of commissaires.

17.11. The organisers have the right to modify or amend the race manual during the season.


18.1. is the official website and source of information for Peetri Jooks. If any other sources have slightly different information, the official website should be considered the most accurate.

18.2. Contact information for feedback:

• Mistakes and inaccuracies in race results -
• General organisational questions and proposals -


Peetri Jooks is organised by MTÜ AeroBike Cycling Agency in cooperation with OÜ AeroBike.