Aitäh kõikidele osalejatele, kohtumiseni juba 30. juulil 2022, mil taas toimub Refonda Peetri Jooks.


Changes in traffic 
• On the race track, temporary traffic regulations will be in effect from 11:00 to 20:00. Only Pargi tee (from Küti tee to Uusmaa tee) and Küti tee (from Pargi tee to Mõigu tee) will be fully closed and inaccessible from 8:00 to 21:00. The detour will be marked accordingly. On the rest of the track, traffic guards will only close traffic when runners are passing by.
• On Vana-Tartu highway, the race track is only on the pathway next to the road and does not disturb general traffic. At road crossings there may be short delays.
• All local residents and road users should plan more time and pay close attention to temporary traffic signs and follow the orders of traffic guards in the area.


• Unfortunately there are no large parking lots next to the race centre. Participants should park their cars in the parking lot of Peetri Selver or on nearby streets that do not overlap with the race track, according to the usual parking regulations that apply there. Keep in mind that parked cars must not block streets or local residents' driveways.


Public transport
• On Saturday, August 7, 2021, a running event is taking place in Peetri borough - Peetri Jooks. Due to this, there will be changes in bus routes of lines 121 and 162:
• From 08:00 to 20:00, bus 121 Tallinn-Peetri-Tallinn will make a detour to Mõigu tee and Peetri tee. Bus stop 'Peetri kool' will be moved to the intersection of Mõigu tee and Küti tee. Bus stop 'Uusmaa' will be moved behind Peetri School. The locations of temporary bus stops are marked with the appropriate bus stop signs.
• From 08:00 to 20:00, bus 162 Tallinn-Peetri-Assaku-Uuesalu will not enter Peetri borough and will instead move straight along Vana-Tartu highway. Bus stops 'Peetri kool' and 'Uusmaa' are temporarily removed from this route.
• If you're using public transport to get to the event, we suggest taking bus number 121 to Peetri kool stop. If you're taking bus number 2, you should ride to Kaabli stop. If you're taking bus number 162, you should ride to Veski stop.