Filter Inline Cup is the largest inline skating race series in Northern Europe that offers several different distance races for skaters of all ages and levels. The purpose is to promote inline skating as an enjoyable summer activity to children, amateurs and athletes, and to offer diverse skating opportunities in places around Estonia.


3.1. The race calendar for Filter Inline Cup 2020 can be found below:

Stage 1 05.07.2020 Elva Inline Marathon
Stage 2 19.07.2020 Kuusalu Inline Marathon
Stage 3 16.08.2020 Tallinn Folk Race
3.2. The following races take place at every Filter Inline Cup event
• PISIRULL/TINY RACE (300 m) is waiting for skaters up to 6 years old. Winning is not important here, only participation. There are no rankings in this race. All participants will receive a diploma and a Saare curd snack.
• VÄIKERULL/MINI RACE (1 km) is aimed at 7-9 year old kids, where the fastest will be awarded on stage and all participants will receive a diploma and a Saare curd snack.
• LASTERULL/KIDS' RACE (2 km) is for 10-12 year old kids, where the fastest will be awarded on stage and all participants will receive a diploma and a Saare curd snack.
• RAHVARULL / FOLK RACE (10 km) is meant for all skating enthusiasts who don't have much experience and who aren't interesting in competing, but would like to discover the excitement of skating with friends, family members or new skating buddies on a safe track.
• HALF MARATHON (21 km) is a competition for younger age groups, but also a good challenge for hobbyists and amateurs. If you are fit enough, you are ready to tackle this race in only an hour, or even faster if you've had some practice!
• FULL MARATHON (42 km) is sport, a competition, and a true challenge. Inline marathons require less effort than other endurance sports marathons. The marathon is an attainable goal for everyone. Pacesetters with finish times of 1:59 and 2:15 help set the tempo for everyone. If you can't do it alone, it's easier to go together!


4.1. The Tiny Race, Mini Race and Kids' Race - henceforth collectively referred to as children's races, are aimed at all kids of the appropriate age and the objective is to simply finish the race as there are no rankings. The exception is the top 3 in M/N-U10 and M/N-U13 age groups.

4.2. Every participating child will receive a race number that is valid at all races during the current season. If the number is lost or forgotten, registration staff can provide a replacement. 

4.3. Every child who finishes the race will receive a surprise from our sponsors.The 3 fastest children in M/N-U10 and M/N-U13 age groups will receive an additional prize on stage.

4.4. The following age groups are available in the children's races:

• M/N-U7 (boys and girls born 2014 and later)
• M-U10 (boys born 2011-2013)
 • N-U10 (girls born 2011-2013)
 • M-U13 (boys born 2008-2010)
 • N-U13 (girls born 2008-2010)
4.5. The approximate race distances for different age groups are listed below. Please keep in mind that the exact distance may vary due to the race location.
• M/N-U13 - ca 2 km
• M/N-U10 - ca 1 km
• M/N-U7 - ca 300 m

4.6. The award ceremony for the top 3 of M/N-U10 and M/N-U13 age groups will take place at the time specified in the race day schedule.


5.1. The schedule for all Filter Inline Cup events except the Tallinn Folk Race:

9:00-9:45 - registration open, handing out race numbers
10:00 - start of men's marathon
10:01 - start of women's marathon
10:02 - start of half marathon
10:03 - start of folk race
13:25 - kids' races in the following order: kids' race, mini race and tiny race.
14:15 - awards

5.2. The race schedule for inline skating events at Tallinn Folk Race:

9:00-9:45 - registration open, handing out race numbers
10:10 - start of men's marathon
10:11 - start of women's marathon
12:30 - start of half marathon
12:31 - start of folk race
14:25 - kids' races in the following order: kids' race, mini race and tiny race.
15:15 - awards


6.1. Age groups are determined by the year of birth. The following age groups are used.

M/N U7 30 0m 2014 and later  
M/N U10 1 km 2011-2013 M/N 1st-3rd place
KIDS' RACE      
M/N U13 2 km 2007-2010 M/N 1st-3rd place
M/N U15 21 km 2005-2006 M/N 1st-3rd place
M/N U17 21 km 2003-2004 M/N 1st-3rd place
M/N U19 21 km 2001-2002 M/N 1st-3rd place
Main group 21 km 2000 and earlier M/N 1st-3rd place
M/N general 42 km 2005 and earlier M/N 1st-6th place
M/N 40 42 km 1971-1980 M/N 1st-3rd place
M 50 42 km 1961-1970 M 1st-3rd place
N50+ 42 km 1970 and earlier N 1st-3rd place
M60+ 42 km 1960 and earlier M 1st-3rd place
FOLK RACE 10 km 2011 and earlier  


7.1. In addition to individual classification, team classification is also available in Filter Inline Cup. To participate, a team must be registered using the 'Team Registration' field on the registration page.

7.2. Team registration is free and can be done throughout the season on the registration page at

7.3. Registered teams are valid until the end of the season and cannot be changed during the season. New members cannot be added to the team after registration.

7.4. Registering a team means establishing a group of riders as a team, not registering individual team members to the race. All team members must be registered to either an event or the whole series by paying the registration fees.

7.5. A team consists of 3 to 6 people. Team members do not have to be members of the same cycling club or company - a team can be a group of friends, a randomly selected group of riders or people from multiple clubs or companies. The team members also do not have to be of the same gender, in the same age group, or competing in the same distance race. However, one person can only be part of one team.


8.1. The rankings will be determined based on the following principles.

• PISIRULL/TINY RACE - no rankings. Participants will be added to the results in alphabetical order.
• VÄIKERULL/MINI RACE - no timing, but the 3 fastest boys and 3 fastest girls will be ranked. All other participants will be added to the results in alphabetical order.
• LASTERULL/KIDS' RACE - no timing, but the 3 fastest boys and 3 fastest girls will be ranked. All other participants will be added to the results in alphabetical order.
• FOLK RACE - results are based on the finish times of all participants.
• HALF MARATHON - results are based on the finish times of all participants. The age groups rankings are determined by separating the skaters of a certain age group from the general results.
• FULL MARATHON - there are separate results for men and women. Men's marathon results are based on the finish times of all male participants. Women's marathon results are based on the finish times of all female participants.


• LAP COUNTER - depending on the event, the marathon, the half marathon and the folk race might take place simultaneously or one after the other. Regardless of the race schedule, the lap counter will show the number of laps left for the leader of the longest ongoing race. Skaters who are taking part in the shorter races or have fallen behind by a whole lap or more will have to count their own laps.
• LAP COUNTER RULE - if the lap counter shows 0 laps left, it means that the winner of the longest ongoing race has finished. Skaters who have fallen behind by a whole lap or more can choose whether they want to continue the race and finish the whole distance or finish with a negative lap. In the latter case, everyone who completed the whole distance will be added to the results first, and then the people who completed 1 lap less and so on. Participants who decide to stop the race before the leader of the longest ongoing race has finished will be marked as having abandoned the race.
• THE RED FLAG - if a red flag is shown at the finish line, the competition has been stopped and all participants must leave the track immediately. Generally the red flag is not used and skaters with negative laps can choose when to finish their race, as stated above. However, if there is a safety risk, ending of road closure or other emergency, the commissaires have a right to use the red flag to ask all remaining skaters to stop the race. In this case, skaters who stopped due to the red flag will be ranked based on the last time they crossed the finish line and the amount of negative laps is taken into account.

8.3. In the series individual classification the rankings are based on points earned from each event. Points are awarded according to the general classification results of each race (every age group separately). In the full marathon, men's points are based on the men's general classification results, women's points are based on the women's general classification results. In 2020, all point scores will count towards the results and none will be eliminated. Point scores are based on the following table:

 Men's and women's marathonsHalf marathonFolk race
Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1. 150+12 11. 140+2 1. 100+12 11. 91+2 n 10
2. 149+11 12. 139+1 2. 99+11 12. 90+1
3. 148+10 13. 138 3. 98+10 13. 89
4. 147+9 14. 137 4. 97+9 14. 88
5. 146+8 15. 136 5. 96+8 15. 87
6. 145+7 16. 135 6. 55+7 16. 86
7. 144+6 17. 134 7. 95+6 17. 85
8. 143+5 ...... ...... 8. 94+5 ...... ......
9. 142+4 n≤140 150-(n-1) 9. 93+4 n≤90 100-(n-1)
10. 141+3 n>140 10 10. 92+3 n>90 10
*Points are awarded based on the separate men's and women's general classification results. *Points are awarded based on the general classification results. *Every finisher gets 10 points.

8.4. In the team classification, the three highest scores earned by a team's members on a given stage will be counted regardless of the race distance or the skaters' age groups. If fewer than three team members finish the race, the points of all team members who finished the race will be taken into account.

8.5. Preliminary results will be published no later than the day after the race on the official Rullituur website - Due to the possibility of mistakes in the preliminary results, unsportsmanlike conduct and other incidents, riders are allowed to file complaints up to 6 days after the race. Complaints must be filed by email in accordance with the "Additional Information and Feedback" section of the race manual. Final results will be published on and other related sites no later than 7 days after the race. No further complaints will be taken into account after the final results have been published and the results will not be changed.


9.1. Participants can pre-register on the registration page of the website or register in the race centre on the day of the race (cash only).

9.2. The participation fees for the 2020 season are below.

RoundMarathonHalf marathonFolk raceChildren's racesEnd of round
Christmas price for whole season 90€ 75€ 45€ 0€ 30.04.2020
Spring price for whole season 108€ 90€ 54€ 0€ 20.05.2020
Round 1 for single event 30€ 25€ 15€ 0€ Thursday prior to race week
Round 2 for single event 35€ 30€ 20€ 3€ Thursday of race week
Race day price 40€ 35€ 25€ 5€ When registration desk closes

9.3. Race day registration applies only to the event taking place that day and only cash payments are accepted.

9.4. Age has already been taken into account in the race prices - races more suitable for young participants are cheaper. There are no additional age-based discounts.

9.5. Pre-registrations (discounted registrations) cannot be cancelled or transferred to a different event regardless of the reasons for not being able to participate in the race. 

9.6. The race day registration fee is the base price. Registering on the day of the race eliminates the risk of not being able to participate. With pre-registration there is always a possibility that plans change and someone won't be able to participate in the race. Due to this we offer a discounted price for those who register in advance. The earlier the registration, the higher the risk of not being able to participate - the greater the discount! Because of the aforementioned reasons, pre-registrations cannot be refunded or transferred to a different event regardless of why someone was unable to participate.


10.1. Re-registering from one distance to another is free if the price of both races is the same. Re-registering from a more expensive race to a cheaper one is free, but the difference in fees will not be refunded. If re-registering to a more expensive race, the participant must pay the difference in fees according to the price list.

10.2. Starting instead of another skater who has pre-registered:

• If the distance remains the same, starting instead of another skater who has registered in advance costs 15€. If there are any suspicions, the person re-registering must be able to prove that they have an agreement with the skater whose place they are taking. 
• A combined re-registration where both a participant's name and race distance are changed is not possible. This is simply considered a new registration and the usual prices will apply. 

10.3. Re-registration can only be done on the day of the race while the registration desk is open; only cash payments are accepted.


• A marked and guarded race track
• Timekeeping and a place in the stage results
• Season race numbers that are issued at every participant's first race. Additional or replacement numbers can be purchased for a fee
• Medical aid
• Catering in the race centre
• Awards for the fastest skaters
• Race commentary
• Photos of the event
• A refreshing drink at the finish
• Extra services in the race centre, merch tents, etc


12.1. Season numbers are used in Filter Inline Cup. Timekeeping is based on these race numbers.

12.2. The race numbers are valid for all Filter Inline Cup events of the season. Every participant will receive their race numbers at the first event they participate in. If the race number is lost or forgotten, replacements can be purchased for 3€.

12.3. It is mandatory to use the original Filter race numbers. Using homemade numbers or numbers from other race series is forbidden, even if the number itself matches the number assigned to the skater.

12.4. The race numbers must be placed on the participant's back and left thigh so that one number is on the left side of the mid-back and rotated so it is horizontal when viewed from the side. The second number must be placed on the left thigh facing forward. Skaters who cannot be identified due to incorrectly placed numbers are not guaranteed a place in the results.

12.5. Participants will enter the starting areas depending on the distance: men's marathon, women's marathon, half marathon and folk race. There are no separate groups within a single race, but the 12 current leaders of the full marathon distance can start in the first row (the 12 fastest skaters of the previous season will get this privilege at the first event of the season).

12.6. The track is made up of laps, but the exact distance of one lap depends on the location of the race. The track is closed to general traffic during the duration of the race, but people living next to the road may still drive onto the race track. The chosen race tracks are safe for beginners and amateurs as well and there are no dangerous descents.


13.1. Food and drink is provided to racers in the race centre after the finish. There are no feed zones on the track, but personal supporters may give drinks to the skaters from the right side of the race track.

13.2. There is a marked litter zone on the track where skaters are allowed to dispose of any trash. Littering outside of the designated zone is forbidden and anyone doing so will be disqualified!


14.1. First aid is provided by medics. At Filter Inline Cup events there is an ambulance crew based in the medical tent in the race centre who can go onto the track if necessary.

14.2. The organisers do not provide spare parts or compensate any damages. Skaters who have abandoned the race can be transported back to the race centre by an organisational vehicle.

14.3. Everyone participates at their own risk. By starting the race the skater confirms that they have read and accepted the race manual, is physically fit to participate and acknowledges the risks associated with inline skating. In the case of an accident all costs and damages are covered by the skater without filing any damages claims against the organiser.

14.4. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for all participants, including kids' races, no exceptions! Any skater without a helmet will not be allowed to start the race and anyone participating without a helmet will be disqualified! Wrist, knee and elbow protection is recommended, but not mandatory.

14.5. Even though the race track is closed to general traffic, people living next to the race track may still drive onto the road. The organisers do their best at keeping traffic off the track, but all racers are still obliged to follow the traffic regulations and ensure their own safety to the best of their abilities. All skaters without a security escort are obliged to stay on the right side of the road.

14.6. Pushing fellow skaters to gain an advantage is not allowed. The perpetrator and the one who gained an unfair advantage as a result may be given a time penalty or disqualified. The exact penalty will be determined on a case by case basis.


15.1. The award ceremony takes place at the time specified in the race day schedule and is based on preliminary results. If the results are later changed, only the series overall points will be affected. Awards given at each event will not be changed or switched.

15.2. Skaters must be present at the ceremony in order to receive their award. They will not be able to receive the award at a later time. By not showing up at the ceremony the skater gives up their award.

15.3. The winners specified in Section 6.1. of the race manual will receive a medal and a prize item. No team classification awards will be given at each event.


16.1. The series award ceremony will take place in September as a separate event together with other Filter Sports series. The exact date and location of the event will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance. The 2020 seasonal award ceremony will take place on September 26 in Ülemiste CityStock container warehouse!

16.2. In order to receive an award, the athlete must be present at the award ceremony. In case the athlete cannot attend the award ceremony, the award may be given to their coach or other representative. Awards will not be presented at a later time.

16.3. In individual classification, the winners specified in Section 6.1. of the race manual will receive a medal or trophy and a prize item. 

16.4. The three best teams in team classification will receive a trophy and a prize item.


17.1. The Filter Inline Cup is a recreational sports event. Everyone who is healthy enough and wishes to participate is welcome to do so.

17.2. To ensure accurate results it is forbidden to cross the finish line outside of the race. If the finish line is crossed a second time after finishing the race, the board of commissaires may enter the last finish time in the results as a penalty.

17.3. All participants must respect clean and honest sport. Estonian anti-doping rules apply to the races and SA Eesti Antidoping has the right to carry out doping tests among all participants. More information can be found at

17.4. Force majeure - forces of nature, viral epidemics and other circumstances beyond the control of the organiser may cause the event to be changed or cancelled. No registrations will be refunded if the event is cancelled due to force majeure!

17.5. All matters not addressed in the race manual will be resolved by the board of commissaires.

17.6. The organisers are allowed to modify or amend the race manual during the season with the permission of the head commissaire, main organiser and the head secretary.


18.1. The official information source and website of the Filter Inline Cup is If other online sources provide slightly different information, the information on the official website is considered to be the most accurate.

18.2. Contact information for feedback

• Mistakes or inaccuracies in the race results -
• General organisational questions and proposals -
18.3. Any questions regarding the regulations and the work of the commissaires as well as complaints concerning the unsportsmanlike behaviour of other participants should be forwarded to the head commissaire of the specific event.


The Filter Inline Cup is organised by MTÜ AeroBike Cycling Agency in cooperation with OÜ AeroBike.