Chip-based timing

Timing for Filter Inline Cup Series is different this year and will be chip-based. With accurate active chips, we can now also measure lap times, giving the opportunity to better compare the results. However, the chips are give one stage only, so they are issued from the secretariat on the morning of the race day, and they must be returned immediately after the race to the drinking station.

In order to motivate the timely return of the chips, we issue the chips on the basis of a guarantee. As a guarantee, participation in the next stage of the Filter Inline Cup series is best, because it is the most convenient for you as a participant - don't forget to register for all stages at the same time. You can also leave a €50 deposit or an identity document as a guarantee. We return the deposit when returning the chip immediately after finishing.


New Suure Munamäe stage

The third stage of the season takes place in a new location in Haanja, almost next to Suure Munamäe, where the separate time trial stage will be held. Those competing in the marathon distance must complete ten two-kilometer laps on the Suure Munamäe stage, five for the half marathon and three for the public race.


Changes in awarding

Based on the feedback we have received, we have changed the number of awardees in the half-marathon and now award the 12 fastest male and 12 fastest female skaters.


Rollerskating distances in the four stages of the Filter Time Trial Cup

As a further development from last year's tempo stage, you can now participate in the Filter Time Trial Cup series rollerskating distance on four Wednesdays. In addition to the stages of the Filter Inline Cup, we are also waiting for you on May 22 in Kiili, June 5 in Kose-Risti, June 12 in Viimsi and August 14 in Paldiski. More information and registration links can be found on the website of Filter Time Trial Cup.


The first stage already on May 4 in Heimtali

See you soon!