Filter Time Trial Cup - FINAL

Date: 26.08.2018

Location: The start and finish are located in Ainaži, Latvia, near the Ainaži bus station, about 1 km from the Estonian border along the Vana-Riia highway.

Objective: Recreational sport. This is the final stage of both the Estonian Filter Time Trial Cup and the Latvian Filter Velokauss series.

Distance: cycling 25 km, road run 5 km


  • Individual time trial for cyclists - the riders will set off one by one in 30 second intervals.
  • Individual road run - the runners will set off one by one in 15 second intervals.


  • The registration desk in the race centre is open from 11:30 to 14:30 for cyclists and to 15:00 for runners.
  • The start is open from 12:00 to 14:30 for cyclists and from 14:40 to 15:00 for runners. If the number of participants is higher than expected, this time period can be extended if necessary.
  • The race centre closes at 15:30.




Map of race centre:


  • To avoid traffic jams in the race centre, we ask that the participants park in the designated parking areas (see map of race centre) or farther away according to the parking regulations that apply.

Warming up:

  • Warming up on the race track is prohibited during the race. Please respect your fellow riders and allow them to concentrate on their race without being disturbed.

  • There are trainers at the race centre which can be used for free by all participants.

Actual Print children’s area:

  • Large trampoline (except in adverse weather conditions)

Track records:

  • I Rein Taaramäe 2016; 30:55.2, average speed 48,5 km/h
  • II Matiss Riekstinš 2016; 33:11.0, average speed 45,2 km/h
  • III Emeri Lepp 2016; 33:52.5, average speed 44,3 km/h

Track description:

  • The race starts in Ainaži in Latvia. The starting ramp is right next to the main road and right after the start there is a left turn onto the Vana-Riia highway, leading towards Estonia. After about 1 km the track crosses the Estonian border, passes through the village of Ikla and runs north along the Vana-Riia highway. It then passes through Metsapoole, Treimani and Orajõe villages and at the 12.5 km point the race turns back in Majaka village. The way back is along the same road. Like typical countryside roads, the road is quite narrow and with a rough surface. The winding track is very picturesque as it passes through multiple charming villages, occasionally revealing beautiful views of the sea.


  • The best riders in the series overall will be awarded. There will be no awards given at every separate stage.

  • Consistent participation is encouraged by the “Kullapada” awards programme.

Other info:

  • Keep in mind that even though the participants have priority over other traffic on the track, most of the track is still open to cars as well. The riders are also required to ensure their own safety to the best of their abilities and follow the traffic regulations. The riders may only occupy the right hand side of the road - cutting bends is strictly prohibited!

  • The Filter Time Trial Cup is not only meant for professional athletes with expensive gear. It is a recreational sports event and cyclists of any level are welcome.