Cycling tour classification

The cycling tour classification is an award programme in the Filter Road Cup race series in which all cyclists who have finished all races in the series will receive a prize. It is similar to the Kullapada awards programme of the Filter Time Trial Cup.


What is the cycling tour classification?

In addition to the usual point-based series overall classification we are introducing the cycling tour classification where the results are only based on finish times. The cycling tour classification includes our long distance, short distance and junior race (as well as the recreational race, even though it is not a competition). All riders in the cycling tour classification will receive a prize. The prize pool includes prizes of varying value.

How do I participate? 

To participate, one must finish all 8 Filter Road Cup races of the same format/distance. All races must be finished successfully, meaning that riders who registered for a race but didn't show up or abandoned the race will not be included in the cycling tour classification. In addition, riders who participate in the long distance race at some events and in the short distance race at others can not participate in the cycling tour classification.

Does the ranking count if everybody receives a prize anyway?

Unlike in the Kullapada in the Filter Time Trial Cup, the ranking does matter in the cycling tour classification - the three fastest men and the fastest woman of every race format (long distance, short distance, junior race) will receive a trophy. However, every successful participant in the cycling tour classification will get to draw a prize. The long distance winner in this classification will be the first to draw their prize, then the short distance winner and the junior race winner, followed by second ranking riders and so on. This means that higher ranking riders will have a slightly better chance of drawing a more valuable prize, but the lowest ranking rider could also receive the grand prize if they're lucky. 

When is the award ceremony?

The award ceremony for the cycling tour classification will take place as a part of the Filter series season overall award ceremony. If the rider cannot be there to receive their prize, their coach or representative may receive the prize instead but no prizes will be presented at a later time.

What are the prizes?

  • 2x Grand Rose Spa gift card
  • 1x Polar OH1
  • 1x Polar H10
  • 25x EckeröLine gift card
  • 3x Silmatera Optika gift card
  • 5x Sparta 5x pass
  • 10x box of Saare curd snacks
  • 5x QM Sports Care gift bag
  • 10x Hiiumaa Cycling Weekend gift card
  • 2x Driving a brand new Škoda for a weekend
  • 5x SantaMaria gift bag


The cycling tour classification is sponsored by:


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