"Kullapada" awards programme

Kullapada is an awards programme in the Filter Time Trial Cup where everyone who has finished every race in either cycling or running will receive a prize.


How do I enter? 

To participate in Kullapada, you must complete all stages of the Filter Time Trial Cup - either running or cycling, not a mix of both - and once you have completed all 7 races, your name will be entered.

PS! All races must be finished successfully and your result must be included in the stage results. This means that if you have registered for the race but not participated or if you have abandoned the race then you are not an eligible participant for Kullapada.

Does everybody get a prize?

Yes! Every person who has successfully finished all 7 races of either series will get a prize. 

If I finished all races in both series, do I get two prizes?

No, even if a participant has successfully finished both series, their name will only be entered once.

When is the award ceremony?

The award ceremony for Kullapada will take place as part of the series overall award ceremony. Being present at the ceremony is required in order to receive a prize. If a rider or runner cannot be present, the award may be given to their coach or representative, but no awards will be presented at a later time.

What are the prizes?

  • 2x Grand Rose Spa gift card
  • 1x Polar Vantage M watch
  • 1x Polar OH1
  • 1x Vuhin gift card
  • 30x EckeröLine gift card
  • 3x Silmatera Optika gift card
  • 5x Sparta 5x pass
  • 10x box of Saare curd snacks
  • 5x QM Sports Care gift bag
  • 10x Hiiumaa Cycling Weekend gift card
  • 2x Driving a brand new Škoda for a weekend
  • 5x SantaMaria gift bag

Kullapada is sponsored by:


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