Filter Time Trial Cup 2019 
Time trial cup for recreational athletes
Race Manual

1. Contents

1.         Contents
2.         Purpose
3.         Objective
4.         Race calendar
5.         Schedule
6.         Age groups
7.         Team classification
8.         Bicycle type
9.         Race format and starting order
10.       Registration and fees
11.       The participation fee includes:
12.       Race numbers and timing chips
13.       Catering
14.       Techincal assistance
15.       Medical aid
16.       Penalties
17.       Rankings
18.       Results
19.       Awards
19.1.    Stage awards
19.2.    Series awards
19.3.    Kullapada
20.       Leaders' skinsuits
21.       Other information
22.       Additional information and feedback
23.       Organisers

2. Purpose 

2.1.      To offer an opportunity to regularly participate in time trial races throughout the season.

2.2.      To maintain and develop the tradition of time trial racing and the oldest cycling race series in Estonia.

2.3.      To connect people who are interested in the discipline of time trial and to introduce new people to cycling.

2.4.      To have the finest quality of organisation amongst the time trial cups in the region.

3. Objective

3.1.      The Cup is aimed at participants of any level - young riders, elite riders, senior riders, recreational riders etc.

4. Race calendar

4.1.      There are 7 events:

Distance Discipline Starting location
Stage 1 01.05.2019 15 km Individual Jüri, in front of Võsukese kindergarten
Stage 2 15.05.2019 10 km Individual Maardu, in front of Maardu Cultural Centre
Stage 3 29.05.2019 25 km Pairs Kiili, in front of Kiili School
Stage 4 12.06.2019 10 km Individual Pirita, start Pirita Velotreki eest
Stage 5 19.06.2019 20 km Individual Aruküla, at Aruküla train station
Stage 6 24.07.2019 25 km pairs Kiili, in front of Kiili School
Final stage 25.08.2019 25 km Individual Ikla/Ainaži, in the centre of Ainaži

5. Schedule

5.1.  The schedule for the main stages of the Filter Time Trial Cup:

  • Registration in the race centre is open for cyclists from 16:30 to 19:30 and to 19:50 for runners.

  • The start is open to cyclists from 17:15 to 19:30 and from 19:35 to 19:50 to runners.

  • The race centre closes at 20:30.

5.2.  The schedule for the final stage of the Filter Time Trial Cup:

  • Registration in the race centre is open for cyclists from 11:30 to 14:30 and to 15:00 for runners.

  • The start is open to cyclists from 12:00 to 14:15 and from 14:20 to 14:35 to runners.

  • The race centre closes at 15:00.

6. Age groups

6.1.  Both the general classification and age group classification include individual classification.

6.2.  There are no separate age groups in the team classification.

6.3.  The year of birth determines the age group. The following age groups are used in the Filter Time Trial Cup:

Age group
Year of birth   Women Age group
Year of birth
M M-U13 2007 - 2008   N N-U13 2007 - 2008
M M-U15 2005 - 2006   N N-U15 2005 - 2006
M M-U17 2003 - 2004   N N-U17 2003 - 2004
M M-U19 2001 - 2002   N N-U19 2001 - 2002
M M-U23 1997 - 2000   N N-U23 1997 - 2000
M M-U30 1990 - 1996   N N-U30 1990 - 1996
M M30 1985 - 1989   N N30 1985 - 1989
M M35 1980 - 1984   N N35 1980 - 1984
M M40 1975 - 1979   N N40 1975 - 1979
M M45 1970 - 1974   N N45 1970 - 1974
M M50 1965 - 1969   N N50 1965 - 1969
M M55 1960 - 1964   N N55 1960 - 1964
M M60 1955 - 1959   N N60 1955 - 1959
M M65 1950 - 1954   N N65 1950 - 1954
M M70 1945 - 1949   N N70 1945 - 1949
M M75 1940 - 1944   N N75 1940 - 1944
M M80 1935 - 1939   N N80 1935 - 1939


7. Team classification

7.1.  In addition to the individual age groups there’s also the team classification. To participate in this a team must be registered using the corresponding field on the registration page.

7.2.  Important information:

1.      Team registration is free and can be done throughout the whole season on the registration page at

2.     Registered teams are valid from the time of the registration to the end of the season. They cannot be changed during the season.

3.      Team registration means establishing a group of riders as a team, not actually registering team members. Members must be registered for a stage or the whole series by paying the participation fees.

7.3.  Creating a team:

1.      A team consists of 3 to 6 people.

2.      Team members do not have to be members of the same cycling club or company - a team can also be a group of friends, a randomly selected group of riders or members from multiple clubs or companies together. The team members also do not have of the same gender, in the same age group, or riding the same distance, but one person can only be part of one team.

8. Bicycle type

8.1.  Participants may use the following types of human-powered bicycles: road bike, mountain bike, time trial bike, handcycle, urban bike, kick scooter.

8.2.  Using electric or otherwise motorised bicycles is forbidden. Using tandem bicycles and bikes with an aerodynamic shell is also forbidden. Due to safety reasons it is also forbidden to use bicycles without brakes - track bikes and brakeless fixed gear bikes.

8.3.  There are no separate classifications for different types of bicycles. Participants are competing on equal grounds regardless of the type of bicycle they use.

9. Race format and starting order 

9.1.  Two types of racing formats are used in the Filter Time Trial Cup depending on the discipline of every stage. Scorekeeping is based on the amount of time it takes the participants to finish the race.

1.      Individual time trial – riders will start the race one by one with 30 second intervals.

      Every rider must cover the distance independently - drafting is not allowed.

2.      Pairs time trial – riders will start the race in pairs with 30 second intervals. It is permitted to participate individually in case a rider has no suitable racing partner.

      Paired riders are allowed to draft behind each other and cooperate to achieve a better time. Drafting behind other pairs or riders is prohibited.

–       A pair’s time is determined by the time of the slower rider. The same time and rank will be shown in the results for both riders of a pair. Individual riders are timed as they would be in an individual time trial race.

–      In case one rider of a  pair abandons the race due to a technical failure, the other rider is allowed to continue the race as an individual and be included in the results. This is only valid if the rider who abandoned the race returns to the race centre and immediately notifies the commissaires of the abandonment and technical failure. If unsportsmanlike conduct is suspected, the commissaires may refuse to count the remaining rider of the pair as an individual rider.

–      Paired riders do not have to be in the same cycling club or age group. There are no restrictions regarding a rider’s choice of partner.

9.2.  The start of the race in the Filter Time Trial Cup takes place as follows:

  • The race begins is on the starting ramp in the race centre, but riders are allowed to start on the ground next to the starting ramp if they wish to do so.

  • If the rider has chosen a starting time in advance, but starts at a different time, the actual starting time will count.

  • When registering for the race (either pre-registering online or registering in the race centre on the day of the race), the rider can choose a suitable starting time which will be on the starting list. The commissaire has the right to make changes in the starting list if necessary.

  • Riders have a right to start at the time they chose or were assigned during registration, but if a rider doesn’t start at their assigned time, others who are waiting in line on the spot are allowed to start at that time.

  • Riders who did not start at their assigned time are allowed to queue at the starting location and start at the next available time. If the number of riders waiting in line exceeds the number of available starting times and the course closes, a starting time cannot be guaranteed for riders who didn’t start at their assigned time.

10. Registration and fees

10.1.   Registration is open online at and at the registration desk on the day of the race (cash only).

10.2.   The registration fees for the 2019 season are:



Round ends
Rattalaat/Cycling fair price* 80€  60€ -3 single stages
Round I for whole series 100€  75€ -2 single stages
Round II for whole series 120€  90€ -1 stage 29.04.2019
Pre-registration for single stage 18€ 13,5€ -10% Monday of race week
Registration in the race centre*** 20€ 15€  base price Race day at 19:30

* The cycling fair price only applies to registrations made at the fair!

** Youth prices apply to riders in the M/N-U19 and younger age groups.

*** Only cash payments are accepted on the day of the race and participants can only register for the race taking place that day.


10.3.    Please note that a discounted price applies to pre-registrations and these registrations cannot be cancelled or transferred to a different event or a different person.

       The race day registration price is the base price. Registering on the day of the race eliminates the risk of not being able to participate in the race. With pre-registration there is always a possibility that plans change and a rider won’t be able to participate. Due to this we offer a discounted price for those who register in advance. The earlier the registration, the higher the risk of not being able to participate in the race - therefore the discount is also greater! Because of the aforementioned reasons, pre-registrations cannot be refunded or transferred to a different event regardless of why someone was unable to participate.

11. The participation fee includes 

  • A marked and regulated circuit;

  • Timekeeping and a place in the stage results;

  • Filter race numbers (valid for the entire season; replacement numbers can be purchased in the race centre);

  • Medical aid in the race centre;

  • Awards for the overall fastest riders in the series;

  • Race commentary;

  • Photos of the race;

  • A bottle of water or sports drink at the finish;

  • Availability of additional services in the race centre, such as bag hold;

  • A trampoline for children.

12. Race numbers and timing chips

12.1. Race numbers and timing chips are used in the Filter Time Trial Cup for timekeeping.

12.2.    Riders will get the race numbers and timing chips from the registration desk. These are valid for the entire season and therefore are only given at the first race that the rider participates in during the current season.

12.3. The first race number is free. A 20€ deposit must be paid for the timing chip - the deposit will be returned to the person when the chip is returned to the organisers. If the participant has lost their number or left it home, a replacement can be purchased for 3€. If a rider has lost or forgotten their timing chip, a replacement chip can be rented for 20€.

12.4. The race number must be attached to the rider’s lower back, for example on the middle pocket, so that it is clearly visible from behind. The chip should be placed around the right ankle just above the shoe. If the race number isn’t correctly attached or the chip is not worn and the rider is not identified, they are not guaranteed to have a place in the stage results.

12.5. It is mandatory to use the unique Filter Time Trial Cup race numbers. Using self-made or other competitions’ numbers is prohibited even if the number itself matches the number assigned to the rider.

13. Catering 

13.1.The organisers do not provide catering to the riders in the Filter Time Trial Cup.

14. Technical assistance  

14.1.The organisers do not guarantee that spare parts or technical assistance will be available on the circuit.

14.2.Riders who have abandoned the race can be transported back to the race centre on the broom wagon.

15. Medical aid

15.1. First aid is provided by a paramedic in the race centre.

16. Penalties

16.1.Penalties are regulated by the Filter Time Trial Cup 2019 race manual, UCI rules and EJL regulation.

16.2.Littering on the track is strictly forbidden. Any rider who leaves trash on the track is disqualified.

17. Rankings

17.1.The stage results are based on how much time it takes the riders to finish the race. The overall results are determined by the points the riders earn from the stages.

17.2.    In the individual and team classification, the five best stage results will count, the two lowest scores are not taken into account. If a rider has not finished all races in the series, the missing scores will not be taken into account. The lowest score of every rider will not be taken into account after Stage 3 and the two lowest scores will not be taken into account after Stage 5.

17.3.Individual points are given to men based on the men’s overall results and to women based on the women’s overall results. The age groups classification is determined by separating all riders of a certain age group from the general classification results.

17.4.When determining the results of the pairs time trial stages, it is taken into account that each pair has two spots in the results. However, both riders of a pair will get receive the higher place. For example, both riders of the fastest pair will get first place, and both riders of the second fastest pair will get third place.

18.5.In the team classification, every stage’s three highest scores in a team will be taken into account, regardless of the gender or age of the riders - all points are equal. In case less than three team members finish the race, the points of all team members who finished will be taken into account.

17.6.Stage points will be awarded according to the men’s and women’s general classification using the following system:

Individual time trial Pairs time trial
Points Rank Points
Rank Points Rank Points
I 300+100 11. 290 I 300+50 11. 290
II 299+60 12. 289 II 299+30 12. 289
 III 298+40 13. 288  III 298+20 13. 288
4. 297+30 14. 287 4. 297+15 14. 287
5. 296+20 15. 286 5. 296+10 15. 286
6. 295+10 16. 285 6. 295+5 16. 285
7. 294+8 17. 284 7. 294+4 17. 284
8. 293+6 ... ... 8. 293+3 ... ...
9. 292+4 n≤300 300-(n-1) 9. 292+2 n≤300 300-(n-1)
10. 291+2 n>300 1 10. 291+1 n>300 1
*n denotes the rider's rank

18. Results

18.1.Preliminary results will be published no later than the day after the race on the official website of the race -

18.2.Due to the possibility of mistakes in the preliminary results, unsportsmanlike conduct and other incidents, riders are allowed to file complaints up to 6 days after the race. Complaints must be filed by email in accordance with Section 22 of the race manual.

18.3.Final results will be published online on and other related sites no later than 7 days after the race.

18.4.No further complaints will be taken into account after the final results have been published and the results will not be changed.

19. Awards

19.1. Stage awards

19.1.1. No awards will be given at separate stages of the Filter Time Trial Cup. Only the best in the whole series will be awarded.

19.2. Series awards

19.2.1. The series overall award ceremony will take place as a separate event after the season has ended. The exact time and location of the event will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance.

19.2.2. In order to receive an award, one must be present at the award ceremony. In case the rider cannot attend the award ceremony, the award may be given to the rider’s coach or other representative. Awards will not be presented at a later time.

19.2.3. In the general classification, 6 best men and 3 best women will receive a trophy and a monetary award or a prize item.

19.2.4. The 3 best riders in every age group will receive a trophy and a symbolic prize.

19.2.5. The 3 best teams in the team classification will receive a trophy and a symbolic prize.

19.3. Kullapada

19.3.1. Kullapada is the awards programme of the Filter Time Trial Cup. The objective is to award riders who have finished every stage of one series - cycling or running. If the rider has finished every stage/event of either series, their name will be added to the list of Kullapada nominees. At the end of the season, a variety of prizes will be given to the nominees - every nominee will receive an award.

19.3.2. Everyone only gets a single entry - if a nominee has finished all races in both cycling and running, their name will not be entered twice.

19.3.3. All races need to be finished correctly and the rider must be included in the results. If a rider has abandoned a race or not shown up, it will not count.

19.3.4. The award ceremony for the Kullapada will take place together with the series overall award ceremony. In order to receive an award, one must be present at the ceremony. In case the rider cannot attend the award ceremony, the award may be given to the rider’s coach or other representative. Awards will not be presented at a later time.

20. Leaders' skinsuits

20.1.Four different leaders’ skinsuits are used in the Filter Time Trial Cup: blue, yellow, pink and white.

  • The blue skinsuit is for the reigning champion of the Filter Time Trial Cup. The overall winner of the series will have the blue skinsuit for the next entire season.

  • The yellow skinsuit is for the leader of the general classification in the Filter Time Trial Cup.

  • The pink skinsuit is for the leader of the women’s general classification in the Filter Time Trial Cup.

  • The white skinsuit is for the leader of the youth classification in the Filter Time Trial Cup. This skinsuit is given to the best young rider (U19 or younger) in the general classification.

20.2.The skinsuits can be picked up by their owners at the registration desk before the start of a race.

20.3.Every owner of a leader’s skinsuit will be given another skinsuit of the same colour by the organiser. If the rider maintains the right to wear the skinsuit at the following stages as well, they must wear the skinsuit that has already been given to them.

20.4.The wearer of the skinsuit must ensure that the suit is in good condition. If the suit has broken, been forgotten or is extremely stained, the rider may ask for a second skinsuit at the registration desk, but no more than once during the season.

20.5.In case one rider is entitled to a yellow skinsuit as well as a different colour skinsuit, they must wear the yellow skinsuit and the other skinsuit will be handed to the rider who came second in the corresponding classification. This does not apply to the blue skinsuit, which can only be worn by the reigning champion of the overall classification.

20.6.If the rightful owner of a skinsuit does not participate in the race, skinsuits of that colour will not be given to anyone at that stage.

20.7.Only the blue skinsuit will be issued at the first stage of the series.

20.8.The rightful owner of the skinsuit is required to wear the skinsuit, with the race numbers.

20.9.Adding extra sponsors’ logos or texts to the skinsuit is only allowed if the organisers of the Filter Time Trial Cup have given the rider the permission to do so. It is forbidden to change the design of the suit without permission.

20.10.  It is prohibited to wear leaders’ skinsuits that were issued during previous seasons or were bought, gifted or borrowed. The skinsuits may only be worn by their current rightful owners.

21. Other information

21.1.The race is held in accordance with the Filter Time Trial Cup 2019 race manual and UCI and EJL regulations.

21.2.Young athletes with an official licence must follow the regulations regarding the gear ratio.

21.3.The Filter Time Trial Cup is a recreational sports event - a licence is not required to participate. Everyone who wishes to participate is welcome to do so.

21.4.Everyone participates at their own risk. By participating in the race the rider confirms that they have read and understood the race manual, are physically fit to participate and acknowledge the risks associated with cycling. In the case of an accident all costs and damages are covered by the rider without filing any damages claims against the organiser.

21.5.    Even though the riders have priority over other traffic on the race circuit, most of the track is also open to cars. The riders are also obliged to follow the traffic regulations and to ensure their own safety to the best of their abilities. Crossing the centre line of the road and cutting bends is strictly forbidden

21.6.Wearing a helmet is mandatory, no exceptions.

21.7.Warming up on the race track during the race is forbidden.

21.8.    All participants must respect clean and honest sport. Estonian anti-doping rules apply to the races and SA Eesti Antidoping has the right to carry out doping tests among all participants. More information can be found at

21.9.   The head commissaire is Kaja Remmelgas  (tel. 5028980; email:

21.10.  All matters not addressed in the race manual will be resolved by the board of commissaires.

21.11.  The organisers are allowed to modify or amend the race manual during the season with the permission of the head commissaire, main organiser and head secretary.

22. Additional information and feedback

22.1.The official source of information and website of the Filter Time Trial Cup is If other online sources provide slightly different information, the information on the official website of the races is considered the most accurate..

22.2.Contact information for feedback:

  • – questions regarding the regulations and the work of the commissairs and complaints concerning the unsportsmanlike behaviour of other participants.

  • – mistakes or inaccuracies in the race results. – general organisational questions and proposals.

23. Organisers

23.1.The Filter Time Trial Cup is organised by MTÜ Aerobike Cycling Agency in cooperation with OÜ Aerobike.

Information: Mihkel Reile (tel. 53422196; email: