New in 2019


  • Schedule changes!

The starting time is 15 minutes shorter for cyclists this year - previously the start was open from 17:15 to 19:45, this year it closes at 19:30. This means that runners can start their race earlier and the start is open to them from 19:35 to 19:50. We've made this change to decrease the amount of inacitivity towards the end of the competition day. As we all know drivers are not fond of changes in traffic caused by the event and the less time we have to keep the roads closed, the better. 

  • New event in Aruküla!

One of the races in Jüri will be replaced by a race in Aruküla this year. The new location allows for a longer (20 km) track. More importantly, there is less traffic and it will be easier for racers to focus on getting their best result. 

  • Changes in the series overall rankings system!

Previously the two lowest scores of every participant weren't eliminated until the end of the season. From this year, everyone's lowest score won't be taken into account after the 3rd stage and the two lowest scores won't be taken into account after the 5th stage. 

What does this mean? For example, previously if a rider wasn't able to finish the first race of the season, they wouldn't get a chance to become the leader until the end of the season. Now they would be able to take the leader's skinsuit after the 3rd stage as their lowest result wouldn't be counted after that. This way the last two races in the series aren't as impactful in the series overall results.