Filter Road Cup - Final Stage, Mulgi 9. Rattaralli

Date: 31.08.2019

Location: The start and finish are located on Posti street in Viljandi.

Objective: Recreational sport


  • Long distance 117,0 km (3 laps: 40,5 km + 36,0 km + 40,5 km)
  • Short distance 44,8 km  (1 lap: 44,8 km)




Race day schedule:

  • Race numbers can be picked up at the race centre from 9:30 to 11:45
  • Re-registration and first round of on the spot registration open from 9:30 to 10:30
  • Final chance to register from 10:30 to 11:45 (no re-registration)
  • Team representatives meeting, numbers for support vehicles at 11:00
  • Registration for children's races from 9:30 to 12:00
  • 12:00 – start of long distance race
  • 12:10 – start of short distance race
  • 12:20 – start of youth race
  • 12:21 – start of recreational race
  • Children's races start at 12:25
  • Award ceremony ~30 minutes after the winner of the long distance race has finished
  • The finish closes at 16:00


Map of the race centre:



  • The car park for registered teams is marked on the race centre map above.
  • To avoid traffic jams in the race centre, we ask that individual participants park on Tartu street, Jakobsoni street, Uueveski street or in the town centre of Viljandi according to the usual traffic regulations that apply there.


Children's activities:

  • Trampoline (except in adverse weather conditions)
  • Children's races (to read the manual click here):
      • 200m – M/N-U5 (no rankings)
      • 400m – M/N-U7 (no rankings)
      • 1km – M/N-10 (competition)
      • 2km – M/N-U13 (competition)


Catering by Põltsamaa: 

At all Filter Road Cup stages there is a Põltsamaa portable restaurant providing tasty Põltsamaa soup and juice drinks to all participants.


Participants can wash themselves in the gym of Viljandi Central School, situated behind the school building at Uueveski road 1.

Description of the race course:

The Mulgi Road Race is undoubtedly one of Estonia's most unique cycling races! The course runs through the beautiful landscape of Mulgimaa, with no shortage of smaller and bigger climbs. The course also allows for crosswinds, though the ascents are more significant. However, the true attraction of the Viljandi race course is the only true hilltop finish in Estonia - the finish is located on top of Kõrgemäe hill with a slope of 18%. The hill is so steep that numerous riders get off their bicycle and finish the race on foot. It is possibly the steepest asphalt slope in Estonia, so steep that spectators can run alongside the leaders finishing the race - if you don't believe it, come and see! The short distance race on this stage is 1 lap, while the long distance race is 3 laps - when starting a new lap, the race does not pass through the town.


Previous winners:

2018 Risto Raid
2017 Norman Vahtra
2016 Andris Smirnovs
2015 Sasu Halme
2014 võistlust ei toimunud
2013 Timmo Jeret
2012 Jaan Kirsipuu
2011 Aksel Nõmmela
2010 Sigvard Kukk



  • The race manual provides a detailed description of the event and the awards system.
  • In addition to the regular classifications, we now have the Cycling Tour classification which encourages consistent participation in the races.

Other information:

  • Please respect the winners of the race! Unless you have an urgent need to leave, we ask that you stay for the award ceremony regardless of your own result.
  • Even though the riders have priority over other traffic on the race circuit, most of the track is also open to cars. The riders are also obliged to follow the traffic regulations and to ensure their own safety to the best of their abilities. If no police or security escorts are there, all riders are obliged to stay on the right side of the road.
  • The Filter Road Cup isn't just about racing and competition. It is a celebration of sports, a healthy lifestyle caring about oneself and others. Don't hesitate to introduce others to your hobby and invite them to join you in cycling. The best cycling race experience is doing it with your friends and family!