New in 2019



  • Pärnu race added!

Pärnu Cycling Race has been a part of Filter Road Cup in the past, most recently in 2012. We are glad to be hosting a race in the summer capital again. Since Tabasalu Cycling Race is no longer a part of the series, the addition of Pärnu Cycling Race means that Filter Road Cup is complete with 8 stages again.

  • Changes in the series overall rankings system!

With the addition of a new event, every rider's six best results in the series will be taken into account in the series overall rankings instead of five. Previously the two lowest scores of every participant weren't eliminated until the end of the season. From this year, everyone's lowest score won't be taken into account after the 3rd stage and the two lowest scores won't be taken into account after the 5th stage. 

What does this mean? For example, previously if a rider wasn't able to finish the first race of the season, they wouldn't get a chance to become the leader until the end of the season. Now they would be able to take the leader's skinsuit after the 3rd stage as their lowest result wouldn't be counted after that. This way the last two races in the series aren't as impactful in the series overall results. It also means that the system used for forming starting groups is fairer for everyone as Group 1 consists of the current 100 highest ranking riders. In the previous system, a bad result in the beginning of the season would affect a rider's ranking for a much longer time. 

  • Changes in starting groups!

There are no changes in long distance starting groups. However, there are now two separate groups instead of just one in the short distance race as well. Previously, all short distance race and youth race participants were allowed to enter the starting area at the same time. From this year youth race participants won't be allowed in the starting area until after the start of the short distance race. More information about starting groups can be found in Section 12 of the race manual.

  • Changes in the awards system!

Last year we introduced a new system of group finish and group ranks to decrease the amount of dangerous situations and it paid off as there were fewer accidents, but the race was more active. Unfortunately the new system was not fully implemented as the winners of all age groups were awarded at every event and thus had to be identified using the photo finish system. Due to this, riders competing for a win in their age group still had to put themselves in dangerous situations to finish first.

To fully implement the group ranking system we will no longer be awarding age group winners at every stage. The top 3 of every age group will be awarded at the series overall awards ceremony. From this year, the top 12 of the long distance, short distance and youth races will be awarded at stage award ceremonies. Additionally, the fastest woman will also receive an award regardless of whether she was in the top 12 or not.