AS Filter has been active since 1992 and has grown to be a company with subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Bulgaria. AS Filter has 163 employees, 40 in Estionia. The company has sales- and maintenance centers in Tallinn, East, South and West Estonia. Filter offers high-quality equipment primarily for industrial production companies, heat stations, combinet heat and power stations and water cleaning stations. The main criterium for equpment choice is affordability for clients. A service department provides maintenance around the clock. Regional and central warehouses ensure smooth operation of equipment and spare parts transport at any given time.


  • AS Filter supports the races financially.


    Fakto Auto AS is one of Estonia's oldest companies of its kind, being active in vehicle sales, maintenance and repair since 1990. Service center for clients is in Tallinn, Lasnamäe, Osmussaare tee 10/Peterburi tee 97. The establishment has set its goal to be a provider of professional sales- and advice service for buying and maintaining vehicles. Fakto Auto represents Nissan and Fiat in Estonia. Fakto Auto has chosen the orange as its symbol. The orange is a fruit which has a juicy and healthy interior under a joyfully colorful skin. Fakto Auto wishes to be a company, where beneath the exterior there are skills, friendliness, honesty and creativity, which we use in our everydaywork and wish to share with our clients. Hence our slogan: Value resides inside. The vision of Fakto Auto is to be the consumer's most preferred choice and offer the best value for clients, employees and owners. 
  • Fakto Auto AS supports the races financially and supplies the commissaars with vehicles. 



   The roots of the production tradition in Põltsamaa date back to 1920, when our predecessor, Eesti Tarvitajateühistute Keskühisus was founded. Over time spirits, potato flakes, coffee, starch and berry wines have been produced.

   Today AS Põltsamaa Felix produces high quality foods like juices, conserved vegetables, ready-made foods, sauces, jams, wines, fish products and many more. We do it all to provide variability for the consumer's dinner table and simlify the cooking process for cooks. We pay more and more attention to the taste, quality and wholeness of our foods.

   This day Põltsamaa Felix has become the biggest employer and tax-payer of the region with over 170 employees.


  • AS Põltsamaa Felix is the food partner of the races.


   EuroPark has been active for over 30 years as a company that provides parking. The company started out in Norway, but soon expanded to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland and in 2001 to the Baltic states.


  •  EuroPark Estonia OÜ supports the races financially.


   Aave Transport OÜ was founded in 1996. The area of activity is intra- and international transport and the maintenance of vehicles, also we engage in tire sales and installment for cars and trucks. This day we possess a car-park of 30 trucks and a car repair and tire workshop to complement it in Aruküla, approximately 25 km from Tallinn.  The objective of Aave Transport is to be reliable for both business partners and in client relationships, to do all in our power that the service provided is on-time and to our client's liking. 

  • Aave transport AS supports the races with the using of a truck.



    Eckerö Line engages in transport by ship between Tallinn and Helsinki. Regular crossings began on 26th August 1994. Activity is focused on transport for both passangers and goods. We offer a variety of travel services from a day cruise of Tallinn to excursions of the Baltic states. Also we offer various conference opportunities in the Baltics.


  •  Eckerö Line supports the races with prizes.


   AS A. Le Coq is a company that has been producing beverages, both alcoholic and refreshment drinks, for over 200 years. Main product groups are beer, water, juice, energy- and sports drinks. Since 2002 AS A. Le Coq is the leader of the Estonian market with production volumes exceeding 100 million liters. AS A. Le Coq also produces the nr. 1 sports drink in Estonia, Actic Sport, which is a regenerating drink with a pleasant taste for both a serious sportsman and a casually active person. It provides the necessary refreshment for people who engage in difficult physical or mental work. 


  • AS A Le Coq supports the races with the Arctic sports drink.



   Operation Lifesaver is an international non-profit organisation that engages in railroad safety. Its porpose is to reduce the number of accidents of the railroad and thereby reducing the number of people injured or killed. 


  • Operation Lifesaver Estonia is the partner for promoting safe crossing for cyclists on the railroad. 




   AS Mefo  is a company that imports elecroniks and sports equipment, he official representative of Polar, Omron, Tunturi and Medisense brands in Estonia. Omron is a leading producer of blood pressure gauges. Omron also produces thermometers, inhalators, massage equipment, body fat indicators and step measuring devices. 

Polar heart rate monitors offer an excellent possibility to control training intensity for different types of activities, which may include recreational activities, body weight reduction, maintaining or improving physical fitness. You are certain to find a compatible training companion with Polar!

Tunturi is a producer of bicycles and trainers with experience beyond 80 years. Tunturi has focused on developing trainers for aerobic fitness and is well known for its innovative solutions.

Medisense glycometers are meant for people, whose awareness of their blood sugar level is essential. Wih help from Medisense glycometers the answer is fast and accurate. 


  • AS Mefo supports the races with prizes.


AS Signaal TM is a traffic management company, which was founded in 1973.
SIGNAAL TM has become one of the largest traffic management solutions providing enterprises in Estonia and is a credible partner in nearly all segments of the traffic management market. The company employs 55 people.

SIGNAAL TM has all necessary registrations and certificates to be active on Estonian traffic management market. The company’s management system fulfills the requirements and is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

  • AS Signaal TM supports the races with trafic management equipment.


 Inbank logo191x60px toetajad



  •  Inbank supports the races financially. 



   Eesti Kultuurkapital is a public rights legal entity, which aims to provide building and restoration of facilites for arts, folk culture, body culture, sports and culture by means of dedicated collection and distribution of financial support.

  • Eesti Kultuurkapital supports the races financially. 



  Tallinna Spordi- ja Noorsooamet is a subsdiary of the town of Tallinn, which engages in:

  • youth work and youth sports varied promotion and guidance; 
  • providing possibilities for spending free time to townsfolk;
  • creating and coordinating possibilities for youth activities; organizing training;
  • providing aid, couseling, financial aid and buying services from  non-profit organisations, interest groups and private schools which engage in youth sports and youth work;
  • creation and maintenance of the information network for sports and youth work;
  • co-operation with other towns, Estonian and international spors organisations and youth work structures and participating in national and international projects;
  • supporing the organising of local and international sports and youth events;
  • organising research about perspectives for spending free time, analysis and distribution of information;
  • shaping and applying policies for the development and operation of the network of sports facilities owned by the town of Tallinn;
  • supporting the organisation of youth camps, working camps and leisure- and speciality camps;
  • creating a system of open youth centers wih the main objective to coordinate and promote integration policies for the youth;
  • the organising of the use and commanding of property given to the institution in accordance with the legal acts of Tallinn;
  • paricipating in the compilation of the plan for crisis regulation of Tallinn and the execution of the tasks for which the institution is responsible forseen in the plan;
  • completing other tasks as forseen in the legal acts of the town of Tallinn.
  • Tallinna Spordi- ja Noorsooamet supports the races financially.



Rae parish is a municipality bordered by Tallinn in Harjumaa. 

Neighbours: Tallinn in in the North and Northeast, Jõelähtme in the East, Raasiku in the Southeast, Kose in the South and Kiili in the West. 

Population: 12 680 ( 1st January 2011)
Area: 206,7 km² (89th in  Estonia)
Boroughs: 4: Jüri (2826), Vaida (1014), Assaku (382) and Lagedi (886)
Villages: 27. Biggest Peetri (1009)
Health centers: Jüri Tervisekeskus, Lagedi Velskripunkt, Vaida Ambulatoorium
Kindergardens 3: "Taaramäe" and "Tõruke"  in Jüri, "Pillerpall" in Vaida

Schools 4: Peetri Lasteaed-Põhikool, Lagedi Põhikool, Vaida Põhikool, Jüri Gümnaasium
Beginning of folk education: 
since 1223 (Vaskjala church in the location of today's Jüri church)
Land : fields 45%, woods 28%, naural grassland 10%, other land 17%
Nature: typical plains of North-Estonia, woods are species-rich mixed forests 
Firs time in writing: 1241 the Danish Evaluation Book mentions the shire of Ocrielae

Known companies: AS Kalev, Kesko Foods, EMV (construction), Rae Betoon (concrete products), Kodala (construction), Balco (tire maintenance), Sordiseeme, Glaskek (windows)
Biggest farms: Peetri, Esko, Marjaku and Mäe
Benefits for investors:
Proximity to Tallinn, access to roads and railways
Benefits for inhabitants:
The solitude and tranquility of the countryside while being within half an hour of driving distance from the capital.
Under protection:
 Kurna park, Külma park, Paraspõllu Nature Reserve, Raeda selection garden, Lehmja oak-wood, Vaskjala (Karjavere) oak and Suursoo juniper.
Temporary settlements:
 in the Stone Age

Permanent settlements: in the early Iron Age

Historic importance: Many ancient sacrificial stones, the first place where iron was produced in Estonia, the pastor of Jüri Anton Thor Helle completed the Bible in Estonian.

Most famous person: The translator of the Bible, Anton Thor Helle (1683–1748)


  • Rae parish supports the races financially.



    AS Maag Grupp is a company that includes food industries and deals primarily with the marketing, wholesale and storage of chilled and frozen foods and is based 100% on Estonian capital. We are active mainly in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, where our subsidiaries are based. Our subsidiary AVALON FOODS Sp. z o.o. is located in Poland and REINSDORFER FEINKOST Gmbh in Germany. The logistical warehouses of the company are situated in Tallinn and Tartu. Besides import we also engage in export to other EU countries, mostly Finland and Sweden. 


  • AS Maag supports the races with prizes.



   Sparta sports club  is located in Tallinn at Pärnu mnt. 139C. Our homepage is The Sparta sports complex consists of a spacious gym, three group training and three ball game halls, where it is possible to engage in football, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, badminton, and table tennis. In addition visitors can practice different martial arts.

Experienced trainers Argo Ader and Marek Morozov work in the Sparta gym. Sparta can be used to hold company sports days, and we are more than happy to help you compile the program, for example rowing competitions or ball game tournaments if you wish to do so.

You are welcome at our sports center. We wish to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. 


  • Sparta supports the races with prizes.


   The main attraction at Skypark is the 250 squaremeter trampoline jumping landscape. The extraordinary construction consists of 23 different trampolines, of which 14 are floor- and 9 wall-trampolines. Inbetween the trampolines are safety pads. In here visitors can jump as usual on trampolines, only with lots of friends at once and that is what makes Skypark special. In the center of the landscape there is a large pool with polyurethane foam pads, where you can safely practice landing you first somersaults.

In addition to that, visitors are welcome to use the childrens' center with a large climbing construction, inflatable trampoline house, drawing boards, sumocostumes and other interesting places. The climbing construction is a huge playground, where it is possible to climb, swim in the ball-sea, slide down tubes and shoot balls out a cannon.

Five nice party rooms are suited for childrens', youth and adult celebrations.

Additional information:


  • Skypark supports the races with an inflatable trampoline in the race HQ and with prizes for children.


   OÜ Viru Reisid is one of the largest bus travel companies in Estonia. The HQ is situated in Jõhvi, but people interested in bus travel are also welcome at our service center in Tallinn. The company offers travel to different European countries as well as ordered trips according to our client's specification. 


  • OÜ Viru Reisid supports the races with prizes.