Former winners

ACA has held the Filter Road Cup since 2009. Here's a few words about the former winners of the event.



  • Season: 2017
  • Winner: Gert Jõeäär
  • Year of birth:1987
  • Club: CFC
  • Stage victories in the winning season: 1 (7 stages altogether)
  • Main rivals: Vahur Valvas & Kristo Prangel
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    In 2017 the winner of the Filter Road Cup wasn't clear until the very last stage. Kristo Prangel, who was competing as a senior for the first time, started the season very well. As the season progressed, Vahur Valvas became a possible victor instead. However, the reigning Estonian champion Gert Jõeäär had very good results towards the end of the season and by winning the final race he managed to win the whole cup. The competition for the next ranks was very tight as well. Due to this it was one of the toughest competitions in the top 12 in the history of the Filter Time Trial Cup.


  • Season:2016
  • Winner: Kristjan Oolo
  • Year of birth:1986
  • Club: Peloton
  • Stage wins in the winning season: 0 (8 stages in the series)
  • Main rivals: Kristo Prangel & Kardo Aia
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  Looking at the overall classification of the Filter Road Cup, the 2016 season was rather even. Even though the series was longer than in the previous years, consisting of 8 stages, nobody managed to win more than one stage.  Cyclists from Finland and Latvia, as well as Estonian cyclists (most of whom cycle internationally) were awarded the stage wins. An interesting aspect is that the season winner Kristjan Oolo did not win any stages this year - in every previous season the series winner has won at least one stage event. Despite this Oolo was awarded two silver medals and as usual, this confirms that stability will help achieve the goal. Stability and high rankings throughout the season made him the eighth winner of the Filter Road Cup. Kristo Prangel's second place is also noteworthy as he was still a junior cyclist, wearing the white youth leader's jersey. Such a high rank has been previously achieved by a junior cyclist only once in this race series - Karl-Arnold Vendelin was awarded second place in 2013.

  • Season: 2015
  • Winner: Ivo Suur
  • Year of birth:1989
  • Club: Thule Opel Proteam
  • Stage wins on the year of overall win: 1 (6 stages in total)
  • Main rivals: Silver Schultz & Karl-Arnold Vendelin
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Everyone was excpecting Silver Schultz to become a Filter Road Cup 2-time winner in 2015. Reality was different as the season begun. Strong time trialist Ivo Suur took over the overall lead after winning third stage in Tabasalu. Stability in upcoming races helped him to keep his leader jersey to the end of season. As strong time trialist no one doubt his success in Filter Time Trial Cup but the Road Cup victory came a little suprise for everybody. With victories in both Cups Ivo made history.    

  • Season: 2014
  • Winner: Silver Schultz
  • Year of birth:1988
  • Club: Peloton
  • Stage wins on the year of the overall win: 1 (6 stages in total)
  • Main rivals: Kristjan Oolo & Vahur Valvas 
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   The season 2014 proceeded in a clear domination of team Peloton. Kristjan Oolo showed good speed at start of the season also wearing the leaders jersey in first half of a season. At the second half of a season Oolos teammate Silver Schultz found his racing legs and took over the leader position holding it till the end. Thanks to a good teamwork through out the year team peloton secured the overall victory before the final stage in Võru where they celebrated successful job and took the race easy.


  • Season: 2013
  • Winner: Krister Raudsepp
  • Year of birth:1993
  • Club: CFC
  • Stage wins on the year of the overall win: 1 (6 stages in total)
  • Main rivals: Karl-Arnold Vendelin & Ivo Suur
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 It was a tight competition for the overall win of the cup in season 2013. At the beginning of the season Reijo Puhm did very well as he grabbed the leader position. In the middle of the season Krister Raudsepp rose to picture as he ensured the leader suit by Elva stage wil and places at podium in Tabasalu and Haapsalu. At the second part of the season the yellow color went on to old champion Tarmo Kopli who probably had thoughts of overall win before the final stage. Though there were more men who came to seize the overall win of the cup: still a junior Norman Vahtra and all-in-all good rider through the season Ivo Suur. However, cards were thrown out of order on final stage by young rider Karl-Arnold Vendelin who won the side race and came to second in overall ranking. Raudsepp has reasons to be thankful to Vendelin because the stage win of the young sportsman zeroed the hopes of win of his nearest competition and thus Krister Raudsepp was crowned the champion.


  • Season: 2012
  • Winner: Mihkel Räim
  • Year of birth:1993
  • Club: SJK Viiking
  • Stage wins on the year of the overall win: 1 (6 stages in total+ 1 candidate stage)
  • Main rivals: Kristen Kivistik & Vahur Valvas 
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   In 2012 there was a very tight bid for the first place. The season started off with Mihkel Räim in the lead, who insured a commanding lead over his competitors with recurring high ranks in the stages. In the second part of the season, Kristen Kivistik, still a junior athlete, rose to form and started to endanger Mihkel's overall rank. A bit more modest, but still a good pace was shown by Vahur Valvas. In the end Mihkel Räim emerged a winner from the battle of these three men and later secured a place in a professional cycling team thanks to a good season.


  • Season: 2011
  • Winner: Sigvard Kukk
  • Year of birth:1972
  • Club: Spordipartner
  • Stage wins on the year of the overall win: 1 (6 stages in total)
  • Main rivals: Vahur Valvas & Kevin Soon 
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   In 2011 the overall winner was decided in the last stage. As Sigvard Kukk did not participate in the opening stage, he was not seen in the head of the overall classification for the better part of the season. Judging by the first stages, Mart Ojavee was the most possible cnadidate for the overall win with a total of three stage wins. As the man did not participate in two of the stages later, he had to give up first place to Kukk. Stage wins were also achieved by Vahur Valvas, 2nd in the overall, and Caspar Austa.


  • Season: 2010
  • Winner: Mart Ojavee
  • Year of birth:1981
  • Club: CFC
  • Stage wins on the year of the overall win: 2 (6 stages in total)
  • Main rivals: Jaan Kirsipuu & Caspar Austa 
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   2010 may be regarded as the first season of the Filter Road Cup. The cup was brought to life one year earlier, but in 2010 it was a cup that consisted for the first time entirely of road races and had Filter in the title. The overall win in 2010 was battled out by two professional cyclists, who represented CFC during the Cup stages: Mart Ojavee and Jaan Kirsipuu. Both men achieved two stage wins, but a more steady participation in the stages brought the overall title to Mart Ojavee. The stage wins were decided by three men in total: in addition to Kirsipuu and Ojavee the latvian rider Janis Rezins also achieved two stage wins. As Rezins was also a professional rider, athletes of lower tiers had little room for the highest podium place that year.


  • Season: 2009
  • Winner: Ervin Korts-Laur
  • Year of birth:1986
  • Club: Pro jalgratturite klubi
  • Stage wins on the year of the overall win: 2 (4 stages in total- 2 road races and 2 time trials)
  • Main rivals: Rigo Räim & Priit Prous 
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   Season 2009 was the first time the Cup was held and it was titled Estonian Road Cup. It was actually a hybrid cup which consisted of both road races and time trials, two of each. The overall winner, Ervin Korts-Laur, made the feat mainly thanks to his ability to ride fast in a time trial. The second- and third-best riders, Rigo Räim and Priit Prous, are also known as good time-trialists, so we may conclude that the format introduced in 2009 suited time trial specialists better. The stages in 2009 included: Karksi-Nuia Rattaralli, Mäetaguse GP, Teenuse Tempo and Haapsalu Rattaralli. As we can see, the most steady of these stages has turned out to be Haapsalu Rattaralli, which is the only one that is still featured in the Cup at the time of the making of this column in 2013.