Individual registration

Latvian races - Filter Velokauss 2019

For registration do the following:

  1. Choosa either team or individual registrtaion.
  2. Enter the data of remitter. If it is done, click on the button ,,Next" under the questionaire.
  3. Enter the data of participant. If it is done, click on the button ,,Next" under the questionaire.
  4. Check up the data. If you wish to registrer more than one participant, then click on the button ,,Add prticipant" and enter another participant. You can enter as many participants as you wish by repeating that step as many times as needed. Once you have entered all the participants, check up the data and vertify the registrtaion by clicking on the button ,,Register" under the questionaire. By doing that the participation fee bill will be sent out to the e-mail address of remitter, but you can also download the bill on the final slide of registation, which will appear next. Be patient - creating the bill might take couple of seconds.
  5. Pay the bill during the same day on which you made the registration. Payments will be checked up on Friday of the race week. All the registrations for which we have not received the payment, will be cancelled. If you make an international transfer, which will not make its way to our bank account for the race week Friday, then send us payment confirmation cheqe by e-mail to address

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3. Verification of data
4. Pay
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